Wolfgang Quilt Prototype - Standard Deluxe - Tremolo

The story on this "one of a kind" Prototype

This guitar is owned by Chris Jones who is a Peavey dealer.  Chris owns Top Dog Music in Sterling, IL.  This guitar was purchased by Chris directly from Peavey.  Since the back of the headstock has a valid patent number and a serial number that doesn't match the range used for Wolfgangs, it is indeed a prototype, just not an early one.  Peavey was always trying new things and sending guitars to Ed to show him, or just working on new ideas to boost sales.  This guitar was built to show off the color and was used in a photo shoot.  So this guitar is essentially a Custom Shop type model, before there was an actual Custom Shop as it was hand built with the materials specially picked.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  I wish I owned it!

The serial number is 11525810 and it says "Quilt 2" in the cavity.