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On the next page you can create a new guitar listing. You will notice that the guitar listing format is standardized (unlike eBay). It is our goal to make sure that potential buyers are getting a thorough representation of the guitar. Furthermore, by standardizing the listing format we hope to create a more consistent and pleasing experience for the potential buyer. We will improve the format in the future based on user suggestions. What you see is a "starting place".
Pictures are the most important part of selling your guitar at a fair price. Properly lit pictures that show off your guitar are in most cases more important than anything you can say. We require pictures of the following 8 views of the guitar:
  • Full View of the Front of the Guitar
  • Full View of the Back of the Guitar
  • View of the Top of the Guitar in a Vertical Orientation
  • An Alternate View of the Top of the Guitar
  • View of the Neck
  • View of the Fretboard
  • View of the Headstock
  • View of the Serial Number
These are the minimum pictures required and each picture should be no larger than 5mb in size. Please have your pictures ready prior to starting the listing process. We will automatically create thumbnail views of each image. In addition, there are four additional "custom" images you can provide.
We may randomly review listings once posted and may from time to time contact you with helpful hints about improving the listing. We may also remove listings where a significant problem exists.
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